ANNOUNCEMENT: Agile India is back in-person in Bangalore for 2023!

Core Principles behind Agile India Conference

Quality OVER Quantity: At Agile India, we believe in staying small and providing a richer experience to the participants. Its never about how many talks we can jam into the program or how many participants we can gather. Its about building a strong, sustainable community.

Zero Marketing:ย  You cannot pay to get a speaking slot. Conference talks are never sold to sponsors. All talks have to go through our public submission system.

Equal Platform: Right from 2004, Agile India has maintained an independent/neutral stand, when it comes to various Agile Methods, Tools, Certifications, etc. At Agile India, each of us might have our preferences/opinions, but we ensure, we provide an equal opportunity platform to everyone, who wants to present at the conference.

Moderately Priced: At Agile India we strive really hard to make the conference affordable. Our aim is to ensure that interested participants should be able pay out of their pocket, without having to depend on their company for sponsorship.

Networking: At Agile India you will learn as much (if not more) by meeting other practitioners, making connections with them, sharing your ideas, and building a strong community.

Respect Privacy: The conference participant database is never sold or given to sponsors. We respect and protect your privacy.